Friday, April 9, 2010

Kenari : Rare Mods!

salam and good evening to all,

I have been collecting kenari picture since i buy my kenari in the middle of 2005. Many of them are JDM daihatsu move but got some rare modification done by the owners using fiber works. How the looks?awesome or not?or looks like ah beng car? (Ahbeng is refering to a people that mod car like crazy,but the results is sometime weird and strange but sometime the result is greater than JDM!

Fiber works..

Fiber mods is will make a fresh apperance, no model can be compared with the car that have been done fiber works. We can ask the fiber shop do the customize shape and bumper that we want. All can be done. The only thing is money.If you have money. Any shape or type you can make it a reality.

it can be similar to other car models such as BMW or Honda.As long as you like, you can have it!

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

JDM Mods

JDM mods can be done by buying the parts from chop shop or runners..just prepare the money. It going to make hole on your pockets!

compare it urself!!
for the owners,proud of your car!no need to care what others saying about your car,your car your money leh!

p/s: if got owners of the car want to remove the pic of their car,can email me..thx


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