Friday, September 11, 2009

Japan Rims Price : Keep Raising?

Hello to everyone..

any modified or standard car need a rims to make it look more gorgeous,more tougher and more beautiful than any other car.Its also make the car look different although its from the same model.

In Malaysia,high performance rims such as forged rims were imported from japan scrap yard.Advan RG,SSR type C and etc were taken from scrap car.Although its from scrap car,the price when its reach Malaysia is tremendous!RM3000++ for Advan RG is now a common price here.

Why the price is so high?

1.High demand from car owner.Everyone knows the benefits of forged rims.Its lighter,more beautiful and chicks magnet also.This make the price going Up like H*ll..

2.Yen going up?every scrap shop in Malaysia claims this is the main factor all the scrap car parts from japan pricing is also going up.The yen currency have going up once upon a time,but then going down and now its only going up a little.But the price of those scrap parts?never ever going down...

3.Greediness of seller and buyer.The seller is taking advantage of Kcar madness in Malaysia to make a lot of money.This make all the price going up.Scrap shop and Runners faults only?NO.At this condition,the buyer did not take part to control the price.They have become mad to some rare things and just buy the rims without any complaints with expensive price!

How to control this situation?

1.DON'T BUY.You don't have to buy if the price is going up like h*ll.When you didn't buy the stuff,You indirectly teaching the greedy seller to lower down the price.This have to be the efforts for all of us.Some scrap shop have become more arrogant nowadays when buyer didn't want to buy at the price stated,they said,'if you don't want to buy,others will!'.Let teach this like-god shop.

2.BUY OTHERS.Others car parts such as from taiwan,europe and etc is also good for your car.More important,its new!why want to buy scrap thing price twice the price for the new things?Whats is important?the name of the age of the items?why become second hand user when you can become the 1st?Is Japan goods is that good?The answer you can figure it yourself.