Sunday, March 28, 2010

accident : how to avoid??

Salam and greetings to all blogger..

Accident.The one I want to write here today is about road accident. I drive a perodua kenari. Boxy and empty car.Some people call it biscuit tinned or washing machine because of the boxy shape of it..How it can help during accident?How the car chassis can help?how about other factor?

Many car are design to reduce impact to passenger cabine.So as kenari also are design to fullfill the standard. Many kenari car that i see after the accident still have their passenger cabine intact or untouchable. Only the engine bay are damage. These show how safe is kenari. But if you compare to other car maybe you will say the chassis is not strong enough. But for town driving. Its safe enough because we only speeding at range 80-60km/hour. But if the car is use for long journey travel, its not so safe because we will speeding at 90-110km/h or maybe more..Can it absorb the impact of the accident?only the pic show us proof..

so to all kenari out!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

tyre matters!!

This is my lovely car..

with advan racing rim 15x7jj using tyre 175/50/15

nice but at the back it hit the fender and become like this..

Planning to change to 165/50/15 after this..want to try either falken or hankook v8..hurmm..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Salam and greeetings to all motoring maniacs...(if you are not,you are in wrong page dude!)

just now i found and interesting runner page that sold so many things..maybe its just me that found this runner is new..but I would like to introduce to you all new runner for JDM parts...sapit!

this is his/her link

i gain no profit publishing those link..just to fulfill the K car parts finder and lover...hehe..

attention to all runner...take a look at your price..dun be so greedy..dun make us hate you all because we dont!

got bad experience with runner?email me at

Sunday, March 7, 2010

my Car,my Legs,my Horse..!!

Salam and greeting to all motoring fans...

Maybe some of you thinking..why modified your car when you can use it as usual either mod it or not..Why?

MAybe for some people they want to show off what their 'small car' can do..but for me,its so personal....self satisfaction because i own only this car and only this car i can afford from my from both of them for me to take care of this car..this car owned a thousand word for me..not less maybe more..

When car gets old,you must do something right?change the tear parts and this when things gets have the chance to change to performance parts when you change the old part!not wasting any money!you are changing the parts that cannot be use to a more better and stylish part!izzit that good?

but when come to exterior..its depend to someone eyes..and take a lots of money..believe me..huhu