Monday, February 22, 2010

Latest updates!! new babes after painting..but still need to touch up little bit here and there..but the lips is broken now..hit the parking divider..huhu

Still have things to settle:

a.Aircond oil
b.Ekzos shaking
c.Door lock

My First car,My Driving teacher..huhu

Monday, February 8, 2010

maintaining used car : WORTHY or NOT?

hello fellas,

i have spending a lot for my babes..more than estimated 5k to modified and maintain its engine and etc for the last 5 years.Last month my door lock on the rear passengger door and bonnet doesnt want to work properly.I go to P2 and was SHOCKED!nearly 500 for passenger door and nearly 900 for the bonnet door lock motor..Feel dizzy that time..the excuse given is because kenari item were imported directly from japan..not produce here.5 doors kenari from used part shop only cost me 500 for 5 doors!complete with rear power window and door not really trust used item but the cost for the new is really-really make me want to throw away my kenari or sold it can the price for the motor only is so expensive?

The loan value for kenari year 2005 is estimated 23k.people rarely buy cars more than offered loan.But if u are car freaks,rich enough,u will not care about the loan.Sell or not.reason forn why i still keeping my kenari?i need it for my family transportation.we dont have enough vehicle.still need the óld''kenari to move and its still moving!

Why dont you repair?if i have much money.I want to repair it.I love this car very much.Many memories with it.I learn to become driver with it.but time have come.We have to move on sooner or later..

When i think back..its not so worthy to keep the used car anymore.But if u rich enough..u can repair everything.make new theme and etc.but for my financial status.better let it that way.if thecar still running..thats the bonus for me.hehe..wait till i get bonus then we can repair or make some improvement for it..for now...LET IT BE!